Convert paper EOBS to ANSI 835 for posting to billing system

 Automated workflows simplify remittance posting Post payments faster reducing administrative costs with improved accuracy and efficiency. Post paper EOBS just as any other electronic remittance advice to your billing or practice management system.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms created by many insurance companies and healthcare payers present a unique challenge to healthcare providers.

 The provider must use these forms to:

  • Apply the payment to the appropriate patient
  • Bill additional insurance carriers or the patient
  • Research denials and perform additional follow up activities

Because these EOB forms arrive in many different formats with variations in length and detail it is difficult to build automation or a workflow around the process using a combination of OCR matching to the original claim and data verification technology, we convert your paper EOB document into an electronic posting file.

Key Benefits

• Maximize data accuracy and validation reduces operational costs

• Expedite posting to your billing of practice management system

• Recognition and extraction of detailed patient information from the EOB and claims

• Eliminate data entry and quickly post accurate EOB data

• Indexed image feed to document management system

• Reporting and analytics for research and denial identification