ERA processing, loading and archiving to the web portal

All Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAS) can be transmitted to Exterprise where they are processed and loaded to the Exterprise Vault. Maintained for ten years, the HIPAA complaint archive provides online reporting tools and analytics.

ERA Processing eliminates the time and expense of having to manage multiple electronic payer connections with varying 835 formats.

The ERAs are converted into an easy to read, consistent layout for all payers. They may be searched, viewed, downloaded or printed as needed.

The streamlined workflow improves office productivity and when accompanied by Paper EOB Conversion and Patient Payments, all remittances are in one central location for research and follow up.

Key Benefits

  • Rules engine standardizes the Payers 835s
  •  Applies the specific business and posting rules required by the individual provider sites
  • Converts to a human readable format
  • Indexed for look up and retrieval on web portal
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant storage for ten years
  • Quickly identify exceptions
  • Free staff to perform revenue generating tasks