Streamline your receivables with a lockbox designed specifically for  healthcare

Exterprise Medical Back Office Solution offers providers or billing companies a total solution for lockbox services. The solutions deliver increased velocity of cash flow, increased operational efficiency, and a reduction in administrative overhead.

The service can be coupled with conversion of paper EOBS to 835 posting files for input to a provider’s practice management systems.

Exterprise  has created a unique set of tools allowing providers to easily post healthcare payments regardless of format received.

In addition, Exterprise has created a robust web portal for easy retrieval of data and reports to speed up denial management, secondary billing, follow up activities and increase collections.

Key Benefits

  • All mail is opened, sorted, organized and scanned
  • Checks are processed and deposited daily to the bank of your choice
  • Scanning and verifying the check information
  • Transmits the data to the EOB capture process
  • A daily report of deposits, including the total deposit amount the check and payer information for each transaction
  • Payment, check and ECB images for each transaction is accessible on the Exterprise web portal
  • The data can be searched based on deposit date, check number, payment, patient name of account number as well as any other data element on the EB or check