Reconciling an electronic remittance advice (ERA) to the funds deposited to your bank

A huge cost burden to providers is associated with the reconciliation process of matching the payment to the proper amount owed in their Billing System.

The reconciliation inbound workflow receives the incoming payment information EDI 820 or NACHA file and compares the payment data to the received 835 ERA files.

The automated process matches payments to specific criteria such as payee, payer, transaction control number and others.

Those that match at 100% of the criteria are marked as Reconciled and displayed on the portal and delivered immediately to the customer’s SFTP site. 

Those not matching are marked as Pending and displayed on the portal for client review.

Key Benefits

  • The funded 835 posting file is delivered to the provider and a Standard E0B view format is presented on the Exterprise Vault
  • The Exterprise Vault provides a cloud portal for fast, secure access to ECB images, claim files and all captured data 
  • Maintained for ten years, the HIPAA complaint archive eliminates the need for paper Storage, providing online reporting tools and analytics.
  • Ad-Hoc reports allow data to be searched and retrieved for both pending and reconciled transactions